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BLACKBOARD is a digital marketing business based in Bangladesh, staffed by the brightest, most talented, and devoted digital experts in the country. Our services include: web design & development, graphics design, logo design, digital marketing, legal & business support, event management and training. Over the years, we have provided specialist services to many clients from a variety of industries including travel, e-commerce, software firm and service providers. It’s all about embracing your brand’s vision. BLACKBOARD is powered by NexKraft Limited, whose primary goal is to offer services that create room for innovation & creativity.

Best Digital Agency in Bangladesh

Blackboard Digital is a Bangladesh based digital agency. This digital agency started its activities in 2019. This digital agency is going with the support keeping in mind the demand of digital products in the country at present. Blackboard Digital Agency has a creative team. This skilled and experienced team provides tension free work to the customers. This team of Blackboard Digital Agency provides Creative design, Branding, Promotional video and Animation, Website Design and Development, UI / UX Design, Creative Content, Digital Marketing, Social Media Management and Strategy, SEO and all kinds of digital agency support.

Our professional experts follow digital agency trend and creative concept. In the last few years Blackboard Digital, Digital Agency in Bangladesh has been providing its services to significant customers. According to our experience, no matter what company or industry you belong to, you will definitely need digital agency support. So, Blackboard Digital is providing best digital agency support for you and your company.

So, we can say that Blackboard Digital is the Best Digital Agency in Bangladesh.

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Our digital agency Services: At present Blackboard Digital is providing you the following Digital Agency Services:

Creative Design: Creative Design is a field where you create computer-generated graphics and digital animation. Of course, it will be done by imagining a future product. Blackboard Digital Agency provides this service very efficiently. Creative Design can include handmade custom fonts, design a logo or create new images to differentiate the customer in their market.

Branding: Branding is all about the ways in which you create an image of your company in the eyes of your customers. For example, you create a website that presents your product or service to customers. ADs can be designed to promote products or services. Choose a corporate color that suits your company, which can be called Brand Color. Designing a logo that represents your business. Hold Brand Color and Logo on social media that will highlight your company. That means you are doing something that is creating a positive impression in people's minds about your business. And this is Branding. Blackboard Digital Agency will help you to brand your company.

Promotional Video and Animation: Promotional video is Advertisement video which is made for the purpose of promoting a business. Here, business can be video with products or services or something else. The main purpose of a promo video or clip is to build a relationship with the audience. Promo videos are mainly used to increase the audience's faith in the brand.
Animated videos are videos created with original design, drawing, illustrations or computer-generated effects. It has a combination of artistic style and eye-catching craftsmanship. Live Action Video is not required to create animated video. Blackboard Digital Agency creates Promotional Video and Animation according to the needs of your business.

Web Design and Development: Another important service of Blackboard Digital Agency is Web Design and Development. Web Design and Development is a compound term that describes the process of creating a website. Web Design determines the look or front of a website. Web development determines its features. Keeping in mind these issues, Blackboard Digital designs and develops your website.

UI/UX: User Interface (UI) is something that gives a user an idea of what a digital product or service will look like. User Experience (UX) is the expression of how it would feel to use a UI product or service. Normally, UI / UX of APPs, software and website can be done. Blackboard Digital Agency is very good at UI / UX Design and provides this service.

Creative Content: Creative content is a broad term that refers to various kind of medias. A company uses creative content in a way that promotes their products, services and brands and communicates with customers. Above all, creative content helps build trust and relationships with customers, raising awareness about products and brands. And retargeting sales and conversions are improved. Best Digital Agency in Bangladesh, Blackboard Digital Agency to support your company creative content.

Digital Marketing: Digital Marketing is a marketing component that uses Internet and online based digital technologies such as desktop computers, mobile phones and other digital media and platforms to promote products and services. Blackboard Digital Agency is one of the digital agencies providing digital marketing services in Bangladesh. We are always working on and implementing the Digital Marketing Strategy.

Social Media Management & StrategySocial Media Management & Strategy is a part of our Digital Marketing Strategy. There is no substitute for Social Media Management to signify the online presence of a business. At present our current customers are very active on social media. So social media management is very important for them to communicate and engage. Social Media is a powerful medium for running promotions and gathering new customers. So Social Media Management is very important.
Social Media Strategy is a technique for using social media. Here the technique of retaining customers and promotion on social media is given more prominence. Blackboard Digital Agency will give you the techniques so that you can make maximum use of social media for your business.

SEO: Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the strategy to make your website Google's 1st Page rank. Since we are a digital agency and provide a variety of digital marketing related services, one of our services is SEO. If we think of Bangladesh and the international context, then a lot of traffic to the website comes through Google. However, after creating many websites all over the world, according to the keywords, a few websites come on the first page of SERP and customers are more interested in the first page. So, if you have a dream, your company will be on the 1st page, then you have Blackboard Digital Agency, Best Digital Agency in Bangladesh.

Digital Agency Services and Support: We are a Digital Agency. We provide you with the above services. If you think your company needs the best services then we say you are in the right place. We are giving you the best digital agency Services in the country. We are Best Digital Agency in Bangladesh according to customer satisfaction.

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Move over cliches like “New Year, New us.

This was the day that we started a new journey after the pandemic. The day that brought forth renewed hope and wishes of providing services for clients that were even better than before. The most important part of our family is that we work together, celebrate together and achieve together. Working as a team and celebrating like family.

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Our entire team's efforts and accomplishments are rewarded with joy. Making sure we count every small effort made, Blackboard never fails to celebrate success that comes from the hard work from every staff member.